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2024 Treatment Plan to Lower Cholesterol 2024 Treatment Plan to Lower Cholesterol Cholesterol is telling me I have inflammation, so an anti-inflamatory diet would be ideal. Liver makes 80% of cholesterol and 20% from the small intensins. Cholesterol is like the fire...

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Health Restored 2023

Work on improving my health and wellbeing, then I will experience the positive side effect of weight loss. Problems: dealing with emotional suffering1 - anxiety caused by emotional abuse, neglect, withholding love and attention, betrayal. Results in me not feeling...

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Tips to Remove Heavy Metals from your Body

Jensen Basic Smoothie Lemon Green Smoothie To your health with a tasty, probiotic, nutrient dense green smoothie with lemon, kale, spinach, kefir and fruit. VitaMix.com 1 leaf large Kale1 handful Spinach1 whole lemon (peel, pith, pulp, seeds and juice) (cut in half)1...

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