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Tips to Remove Heavy Metals from your Body

by | Dec 16, 2022 | Body, Health

Jensen Basic Smoothie

Lemon Green Smoothie

To your health with a tasty, probiotic, nutrient dense green smoothie with lemon, kale, spinach, kefir and fruit.
Author: jensenmuse


  • VitaMix.com



  • Add water, kale and spinach to the vitamix and blend well.
  • Add rest of ingredients except ice and blend about 30 seconds.
  • Finally add ice and blend. Pour into a shaker cup.
  • Drink or store in a refridgerator – will last about a day.


Alternative to using frozen blueberries, can use 5 drops of liquid stevia.
We mostly just consume the lemon juice for the vitamin C, but according to Dr. Eric Berg, if we eat the whole lemon we get 5x the nutrients (potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2, B6, copper, vitamin E and of course the whole vitamin C complex bioflavonoids (not just the ascorbic acid antioxidant).
Additional benefits of the whole lemon include:
  1. help fatty liver
  2. lower choleserol
  3. weight loss – helping insulin resistance
  4. antiaging
  5. anitcancer
  6. kidney stones prevention
  7. immune support
  8. vitamin C – avoid scurvy
  9. inhibit collagen destruction
  10. breath better
  11. Copper for collegen, joint health
Improved vision (macular degeneration and cataracts) and anti-inflammatory
Helps with fatty liver
Probiotics to help reduce fatty liver.


  1. Amazing Benefits of Eating WHOLE Lemons – Peel, White Part and Seeds by Dr. Eric Berg DC.
  2. James Lind: The man who helped to cure scurvy with lemons, BBC News
  3. Eat Bioflavonoids for Improved Heart Health by Annie Price on DrAxe.com
  4. The REAL Reason to Drink Lemon Water Every Day by Dr. Eric Berg DC
  5. The Health Benefits of Paprika by Dr. Eric Berg DC
  6. DRINK 1 CUP PER DAY to Remove Fat from Your Liver – Dr. Berg by Dr. Eric Berg DC. Recommends a kale, blueberry and kefir smoothie.

Tip #1 – Clove Essential Oil

Before going to bed, apply clove essential oil to the bottoms of your feet. This will help to draw the heavy metals out of your body. Alternatives is to do a foot bath with magnesium and a few drops of clove oil added to the water.

Heavy metals negatively affect your autonomic nervous system, keeping you in a state of fight and flight (sympathetic nerves) instead of rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system).

What Is Autonomic Neuropathy by Dr. Eric Berg

Tip #2 Belly Breathing

Do this five times a day to move out of fight and flight and into rest and digest.

Belly Breathing (Diaphragmatic Breathing) by Katherine Rushfirth

Emotional Release of Traumas

Dr. Bradley Nelson – YouTube Channel

Trapped Emotions


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