Emotional Resources

  1. Bill Jensen
  2. Rachel Gubler
  3. Ernie St. Gelais

Below is a list of service providers I use and recommend. If you require similar services, please consider using these affliates. I know they will help you as they have helped me. Also, it helps to cover my expenses (time, hosting, licenses, etc) on running

Health and Wellness


Cindy M Jensen – yoga, meal planning and receipes

Rachel Gubler Wellness – herbs for health

Bill Jensen – emotional and professional coach – used tapping to help my anxiety

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Emotional Resilence



Ernie St Gelais – – one on one training – WordPress, Divi, Tutor-LMS, MailPoet, SiteGround Web Hosting

Asad – – logo creation

Bea – – moodboard design




In January 2019 I hired Bill Jensen to help me with my career goals. After about 3 years of working with him monthly, I’ve successfully doubled my income. But this wasn’t major benefit of his guidance. During that time went through major stressful situations (death of my Mom, unfilled at work, I had major anxiety, moving, changing jobs and family relationship problems). Bill helped counsel me through the thick of it. Bill is close to the Spirit and has helped me to discern what Jesus is trying to tell me. I feel it was a blessing from God I found Bill. He helped me fill my lonliness void with the comfort of Jesus.

Bill Jensen, ProActive Health Solutions,, mobile 208-431-2975

In Feb 2017 I was Rachel Gubler’s first paying customer, we took the Self Reliance course – Starting and Growing Your Business together. She has helped me with custom herbal formuals over the past 5 years to improve such things as my adrenals, lymphs, digestion, nervous system, and so on.

Rachel Gubler Wellness,

Weekly, Monthly, & Annual Berthing

Daily Rentals

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