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Blogging Mini Course from Profitable Audience

Steve Chou with My Wife Quit Her Job and Toni Anderson with The Happy Housewife

email: steve@mywifequitherjob.com and toni@profitableaudience.com

Lesson 2 of 6 – how to find your niche

Finding your topic worksheet (https://profitableaudience.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Findingyourtopic-1.pdf)

  • What are 5 things I can talk about all day long? In other words, what am I passionate about?
    • Jesus Christ – how he has blessed me
    • Inventions and DIY – steam engines, manufacturing, glass jars & lids
    • Money – Entrepreneur ideas, Budget
    • Self improvement – counseling, emotional resilience
    • Health – gardening, exercise, herbs
  • What are three questions people frequently ask you from my job, passions, or hobbies?
  • What am three things I’m amazing at?
  • What is something you love so much you would do it for free?
    • How to and Do It Yourself (DYI)
  • What are three things that could be a viable business?
    • Mason jars and lids private labels
    • Health – selling herbs and essential oils
    • Courses to teach people how to build steam engines

Lesson 3 of 6 – How to Start a WordPress Blog for less than $3

Lesson 4 of 6 – how to set up email marketing

How to setup email marketing for your WordPress Blog – (https://profitableaudience.com/how-to-setup-email/)

lesson 5 of 6 – how to engage readers with your posts

Engage readers from the first blog post (https://profitableaudience.com/engage-readers/)

lesson 6 of 6 – 5 ways to make money from your website

A list of five different ways to make money from your website (https://profitableaudience.com/make-money-website/)

lesson 7 of 8 – how to generate traffic to your website

Steve shares the variety of strategies used to drive traffic to your website (https://profitableaudience.com/traffic-generation/)

lesson 8 of 8 – frequently asked questions about blogging

Most frequently asked questions about blogging (https://profitableaudience.com/faq/)

  1. buy domain from namecheap.com
  2. buy hosting from siteground
  3. email marketing – MailPoet
  4. it will take 1 year of blogging before making any money
  5. Is blogging saturated?
  6. Do you need to be technical?
  7. Can you be successful outside of the US?
  8. If you buy the course, what if you don’t like it? have a 30-day money back guarantee
  9. Will you help me find a blogging niche?
  10. What if I already have a blog?
  11. Profitable Online Blog course costs $1097, see (https://profitableaudience.com/)


Use MailPoet instead which is free up to 500 subscribers whereas Siteground costs $12 a month for up to 500 subscribers after the 1-year promotion expires at approximately $3 a month. Drip costs $39 a month for 2500 subscribers and is recommended by Steve Chou and Toni Anderson.

email marketing

siteGround’s lead generation plugin for wordpress

How to install the SiteGround email marketing plugin to your WordPress website (https://siteground.com/kb/start-getting-subscribers-from-wordpress/)


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