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General Conference April 2024

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Goals – come to conference with A.S.K.

  1. Feel Love of God
  2. What I need to stop doing
  3. What I need to start doing – repent by Jack M. Jarad, protect the private times in my life
  4. Personal revelation
    • How to use Priesthood to work miracles in the lives of people in my care – Confidence, Humility by Elder Soares
      • Olivia – Elder Eyring talk
      • Shanthi – let not my heart be troubled. Focus on Jesus like Blind Bartemaus. I will become Jesus voice. I am Jim Drinkwater! Jesus – you have given me back my freedom. I am Antipus and I will bless you Shanthi with my faith in Jesus Christ! Shanthi, the Lord sent me to help you to do very difficult workouts without arms and without your family. Shanthi – you are the hero just like the 2000 stripling warriors. Pray to show Jesus love to others. I will lift where I stand and help Shanthi. Hymn How Firm a Foundation – cause thee to stand
      • Katie
      • Mundi – when she sings, angels support her ever since the death of young girl she sang at her funeral.
    • make Lord’s Steam Engine
    • better way to earn money – work smarter not harder
  5. When the inner fire flickers to go out
    • Giant faith in Jesus Christ just like David and Goiath
  6. To Do
    • Repent with Bishop Cave and get endorsement
    • Bless Shanthi that she has arms
    • Bless Katie to have a baby
    • Drive to NC
    • Make Lord’s steam engine
    • grow goldenseal
    • make glass jars
    • Marry Mundi

Session 1 – Saturday Morning 4/6/2024

Elder jeffrey r. holland

His 1) wife died, 2) in hospital many weeks and 3) came away with more determination to serve the Savior. More committment to follow Jesus. take up my cross

Strength of prayers of the Saints on my behalf. God recognize and hears prayers, they are heard and answered. Prayers are to be vocal, emotions of a hidden fire in me. Jesus retreated from others to pray to the Father. How do you pray more earnestly, pleading. Serious in planning for our life. Urgent matter. “You never knew me”, believe .

sister J. Anette Dennis

Find deeper meaning of parables. My life is a symbol of my covenant. My relationship closer to God by covenants. Deeper relationship. My baptism, I symbolically put on Christ, just like my temple garments. Applies with sacrament. Lord will teach me line upon line. Sacred privilage and carry deep meaning. Atonement is to “cover” us throughout my life. Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, an armor of light, give me increased capacity. My willingness to wear the garment. My desire to have Jesus with me always. Learn from teachings of Pres Nelson and read the footnotes. Desire to deepen my relationship with Jesus. My life is a living symbol.

Alexander Dushku

Young Joseph Smith – call upon God to be delivered from darkness of Satan. The constant flow of revelation. Here a little. I get a divine ray of light, not a pillar of light. I am living in revelation by Elder Bednar. Impression to do something good. What verse in the scripture speaks to my soul? Pull the ventolator away from his mouth when awaken from coma. Darkness of doubt. Great diligence to have a pillar of light, one ray of light at a time.

Elder ulisses soares

Confidence. Learning to be higher and holier confidence, renew, cast not away your confidence. Armed with the power of God in great glory – Nephi. Temple visit see a woman with no arms, I felt God answered my prayers. Change my preparation to enter the temple, then my confidence will wax strong. Covenant confident. Temple bound, secured by Jesus. Always have a temple appointment. Great clarity how to act in his name. A spark of desire Jesus will bless me with the miracles. Take the temple into my life. No unkind feelings towards anyone, cause the Spirit of Lord to withdraw.

jack m. jarad

Attribute of integrity – Christ like attributee, to be true to God. Anything in my life that might be an embrassment to me or Church if brought into life, asked by Elder Uchtdorf. I must rise above. My actions to harmony with my beliefs, I seek only to do the will of the Lord. Appealing to the carnal mind of Korihor. Lying is contrary to my devine identity and nature.

henry b. eyring

Rick College President. Nervous Teton Dam had collapsed, much of Rexburg was destroyed. Safety of our children, no way to communicate and all roads closed. Stay the night, Kathy and I prayed. All will be well because of the temple. Truly no need to fear. Let not your heart be troubled. Live inside my temple covenants. Access to special kind of love. Life time pattern of devotion and remember and keep covenants. Feeling of light and hope. Never tire in his efforts to help me. Live so when call comes you can walk away easily to serve the Lord. Temple is a place of revelation.

Session 2 – Saturday Afternoon 4/6/2024

Elder David A. Bednar

Purpose of Temples, this celestial room – no one spoke. I have never experienced anything like that in my life. Stillness, tuning out noise of life. Be still and know that I’m God (D&C). Inner spiritual stillness of the soul. Remember Him and rely upon Him, focus on Jesus, to strengthen us. True faith focuses on Jesus Christ. Foundation of my life is to be build on Jesus, he is the bedrock I build my life on Him and his teachings. Our confidence waxes stronger and stronger. Sabbath is a sacred time where we can be still and take sacrament and worship Jesus. Temple is a sacred holy place, we think, act and dress differently than any other place. So we can focus on Jesus. Our homes are a combination of both sacred time and place. I am never alone! Blessed to overcome our things.

Massimo De Feo

Living the Gospel is not away to avoid trials of life. Blind man Bartemaus – Jesus have mercy on me, he acted instead of being acted upon. Focus on Jesus Christ. I will become Jesus voice! Cast away my beggars coat, I am done with this life, remove excuses and leave the natural man behind. Rise up to a better life. Jesus will heal us. I came to Jesus by hearing His voice, allow him to guide me. Allowed Peter to walk on water. He received His sight. Ask with real intent to follow Jesus in all things. I see angels all around me. Cry my testimony of Jesus louder than the noise of the world.

brent h. Nielsen

Healed a man Peter & John. Never been a better time to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ than now. Miracles happened in the past, people where healed. Power of God in great glory (Nephi). Blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual.

Jose L. Alonso

Confidence to overcome these challenges. Lord extends his hand to me. My yoke is easy, my burden is light. Ye shall find rest. Feel joy regardless what is happening or not happening in my life. Build my foundation on rock of Jesus. Not allow my grief of John the Baptist dying, he feed 5000. Give thanks to Heavenly Father for the bread that I have and he will expand it.

Before the miracle of 5000 feed, was a lad here with 5 barley loaves and 2 small fishes, but what are they among so many?

Before the miracle of Naaman was healed was a little maid who had faith in the Priesthood of God held by the Prophet Elisa.

Before the coat, and ring and kiss of a loving father was a broken heart and contrite spirit, Father I am no longer worthy to be called thy Son, I have sinned.

Before the miracle of the deliverance of the 2000 stripling warriors was a leader named Antipus, who with his captains did a double march, for they will not let their young son’s die under their watch and care and protection. Not to take any recognition away from the mother of these sons or the obedience of the 2000 stripling warriors.

Before gathering around a campfire to visit with family and friends and to feel warmth, a very small match or spark is used to ignite the fuel such as paper and wood.

Before light was created, God said the word – words create worlds

Before I can be part of a miracle in someone else, I must experience the miracle of forgiveness in mine first. Jesus fasting 40 days & nights before, facing Satan and the miracle of being mintered to by angels before starting his ministry.

Before the miracle, I must trust in God.

elder gErrit w. gong

April 6 is the birthday of the Church. All things will work together for your good. Face life with confidence not fear. Put off the natural man. Not give a stone when asked for bread. You have given me back my freedom! I will be buried in my temple clothes. When purpose is unclear.

michael t. nelson

Helaman and the 2000 stripling warriors. No one serves alone in this Church. Feelings of what you are! Be a powerful example to the youth.

Elder quentin l. cook

Avoid any sense of entitlement of your heritage is. We are all children of God and what manners is keeping his commandments. Oneness is what Christ prayed for. D&C 20 – how to access Jesus power. Spiritual requirements only for baptism!!! All are alike unto God. Conduct requirements and repentance. Moral agency and free will. Strive to be the best we can be is good but not put myself above others. Lehi left everything except his family. Include others in our circle of oneness. True belonging is oneness with Christ!

I leave everything to be with my family, just like Lehi.

Session 3 – Saturday Evening

Shayne M. Bowen

Miracles and priesthood keys. Ancient keys of the Priesthood have been restored. Power of the Holy Melchezekek Priesthood. Watches over His missionaries. Patarchical blessing. Have miracles ceased? Nay. Priesthood power. The dead will be raised by thy hands. I will be faithful. Make it mainfest now. Seek and expect miracles from President Nelson. Commanded her to live, comma for 1.5 days, Emily. The van weighted nothing. I will go before you face. God’s miracles will also come. The heavens are open.

Jesus and His angels will be there for the Shanthi miracle of her arms restored.

steven r. bangerter

Your true identity and who you may become. Protect the private times in your life, it will have the greatest impact than any other time of your life. Greatest miracle, in my private times I can go to God and receive his comfort, will receive revelation. Reveal my foreordained gifts and bind myself to God. What is God’s purpose for me?

andrea munoz spannaus

How can be faithful in world of sin. I will have 5 stones to be triumpt. Love of God, Faith, Knowledge my true identify (children of God, children of the covenant, ), repentance (to be freed from sin and turn to God), stone of access to God’s power (help me face challenges, covenants increase God’s power – strength of my connection to Jesus Christ). To act without fear I must think of Jesus Christ. The stone of my testimony. Walking holding to the Iron Rod is the same as walking with Jesus, holding his hand.

matthew l. carpenter

End in mind is to live forever with our families in an exhalted state. Chastity. I will receive every blessing. Fruit that remains. I need to reread this one.

elder dieter f. urchdorf

Sing Amazing Grace

higher Milton Wright – higher joy and how it enters our hearts. Looking for joy in all the wrong places. I will weep just like Jesus did. Glorious dawn, peaceful confidence. John 10:10 I am come that they might have joy and more abundantly. I was built to have joy. Joy that dimishes lonliness. Discover pure joy – woman issue of blood for 12 years, could she be healed, her faith overcame her fear. Face ridicule if I fail or my sins are too many. Seek and you shall find – a statement of fact. We rarely find something we are not seeking for. Bring joy to others around you. Milton Wright – higher Father, higher.

Amazing Grace – Save a wretch like me.

Humility and Confidence is this called meekness? Is it being passive or aggresive or is persistent, persuasive,

Session 4 – Sunday Morning 4/7/2024

elder ronald a rasband

Words matter a lot. They voice our thoughts. The Lord’s words matter. Let there be light and there was light. Words create worlds. Be it unto me according to thy word (Mary). Study his word (Pres Nelson). Take charge of your testimony (Pres Nelson). Think Celestial (Pres Nelson). I will act upon our Prophet’s words. Certain words were missing from the temple dedication prayer. I always called home and said I love you, everyday. Jesus Christ is the Word.

What is behind my words? Giant Faith (David vs Golithaa), belief in Jesus, a firmness of mind/confidence, prayers and fasting.

susan h. porter

Pray to know, pray to grow, pray to show. I am not alone, I have Christ, we are never truly alone. Not why but what. Do I want to grow in a skill? Be an example of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t give up, Heavenly Father will show you what to do. Pray to show Jesus love to others.

Dale G. Renlund

elder dale g. renlund

Kayak. Just keep paddling, will maintain momentum. We become vulernable when we slow down or stop. Spiritual Momentum (Pres Nelson). Elijah – what are you doing in this cave? Enduring to the end. Speed and direction (towards Jesus). Repent daily, do not give up. The source of power is Jesus, covenants are a conduit to receive his power. Went out of his way to help someone. We are all struggling in our own way. The Savior’s job is to heal and my job is to love! I will help others on their way.

paul b. pieper

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Learn about Heavenly Father, look for his power in my life. Trust in the Lord with all mine heart. Not why but what am I willing to learn. Building a ship to cross the ocean.

No matter what the outcome, when I fall and face anixety, divorce, lonliness, health issues, broken heart, sin, and confidence shaken, I will chose to trust in God.

elder patrick kearon

He replaced M. Russell Ballard. God is in relentless purse of you, just like Jesus and Antipus to protect you when in danger from the enemy of your soul. Goes and searches the lost sheep. Have you any that are mamine, I have compassion upon you.

Was Antipus wise and strategic? When leaders get critized for the struggles of life to follow the plan, such as Moses and children of Israel being bitten by poisonous snakes – this is no good, we were so better being slaves in Egypt. I will help Jesus and come to him with my holiness, strength and desire to do all he asks having a determination to serve him to the end.

brian k. taylor

Blind Bartaemaus healed once, Blessed twice on miracles. Paul thrice and no miracle. (Naaman washed seven times). Lifes trials prove thee. Lightened our load by focusing on Jesus. I will grow from adversity. 1) stronger faith comes when putting Jesus Christ first – so I will wake up and pray first, 2) brighter hope comes when we think celestial – what does it matter what we suffered when we get the Celestial kingdom, 3) greater power comes by focusing on Joy, for the joy set before Him. Bring Savior. Use the Savior’s words. I visit my people in their afflictions.

president dallin h. oaks

Covenant responsibilities – my clothing is a reminder my covenants and no magic in the clothing. Baptism is a sacred covenant. Plan of salvation is the covenant path and our relationship with Jesus. Temple covenants – power being bound to Christ. Blessing I’ve been promised in the temple (eternal life the greatest of all gifts of God).

Session 5 – Sunday Afternoon 4/7/2024

D. todd christofferson

Spiritual Momentum from Pres Nelson. Being valiant in testimony in Jesus. I love all of you and I will be good member of the Church and I will keep my eyes on eternity. I will yield my heart to God. Be zealous in keeping my covenants. Burning testimony of Jesus Christ.

taylor g. godoy

Call don’t fall. A.S.K. prayer is call don’t fall. How is it the Lord cannot instruct me that I don’t fall. Civil marriages were on strike. 1-Always think of the Lord first for help, 4-humble myself, 5-don’t stop keep moving forward.

gary e. stevenson

Suspension Bridges. Power of the tower. What is the great commandment of the Law. 1) Love God with all my heart, soul and mind by keeping His commandments and 2) Love thy neighbor as thyself. My love of the Lord will lift the faith of others. Loving God isn’t complete until I love my neighbor. Am I the one who listened to bless Shanthi? How do I build my bridge? I will start.

mathias held

How I make wrong decisions and live with the consequences, I only have myself to blame. Growth and learning. Charles Dickson – It was best of times, it was the worst of times. Two sides of a coin. Where there is sunshine, shadows also exist. Look unto Jesus in every thought, doubt not, fear not! Attitudes and choices define us instead of adversity. Choose to think Celestial.

elder neal l. anderson

He discuss the feeling from How Firm a Foundation hymn – “and cause thee to stand”, don’t despair for with God, nothing is impossible. God’s promises are being fulfilled. Armed with the power of God. Temple symbol of light and hope. Kirtland temple – angels have charge over the saints. Perform some of his mightiest work (Pres Nelson)

mark l. pace

Come Follow Me, out of small things proceed that which is great. Avoid a personal apostacy. Study implies effort. Finding healing after a rough day in the world. Lehi intentional parenting, called to his family to come to the Tree of Life. I need to know and act for myself. “Heavenly Father wants you to know for yourself”. Question ignited in me the light of faith. You will make better decisions everyday reading the Book of Mormon everyday (Pres Nelson)

president russell m. nelson

1984 called to the Qurom of Twelve Apostles. Nauvoo temple. Kirtland temple has purchased this temple last month. The Lord affirmed his identity. Ponder what the Lord’s promise means for me. Moses appeared. Elias appeared (Gospel of Abraham). Elijah the prophet appeared – turn the heart of the fathers to the children, keys of the sealing power. Priesthood bless all who accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. Authority to organize the church in 1830. Power is infinite. Invite me to consider these statements 1) gathering of israel, 2) gospel of abraham invites all to come unto Him, 3) sealing power how much God loves all of his children. Privileges. study D&C 109 dedicatory prayer – temple is house of prayer, fasting, faith, learning, glory, order, house of God. These are promises to those who serve and worship in the Temple. Increased power. Catch a vision of I really am and the kind of life I can have. Promise to receive fulness of the Holy Ghost. I don’t have to face life alone, angels really will help me. no combination of wickness will prevail over those who worship in the temple. Nothing will hold protect you more, bolster your testimony, understand God’s plan, sooth your spirit more, open the heavens more. The temple is the gateway for the blessings of heaven.


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