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Dungeon Siege

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Step 1 – download Dungeon Siege II .iso file

Step 2 – install PowerIso – need to mount the .iso image to both install and play the game. For security, Dungeon Siege, will require you have the CD in the computer to play the game. We get around this by using PowerISO.

Once PowerISO is installed, click Mount and navigate to where you saved the Dungeon Siege .iso file.

To install, must run as administrator.

Jeff Jensen license of Dungeon Siege 2 (F8J8T-4HMCW-VJBF9-TW4CH-R3DH3)

Change shortcut to have fullscreen turned off

Install Dungeon Siege version 2.2 patch


Install Game Ranger


Cannot have multiple computer logins using one email address, so each person wanting to play multiplayer Dungeon Siege will need their own free Game Ranger account. This makes it difficult to troubleshoot when setting up a Dungeon Siege event. Just plan on taking an hour for each computer to install Dungeon Siege and Game Ranger. Also cannot log out of GameRanger and login with a different account, will need to uninstall GameRanger, reboot, then install GameRanger again and login with different account.

User – dannyjensen1978@gmail.com, nickname Clark

How to – multiplayer with Dungeon Siege 2 and Game Ranger

Configure DungeonSiege2.ini

Using Notepad, edit C:\Users\JeffJourneyJensen\Documents\My Games\Dungeon Siege 2\DungeonSiege2.ini and add this line to the .ini file, typically at the end of the .ini text file. Note – I used a goofy Dungeon Siege character name of “test2023-0930” and yours will be different. This is the file GameRanger will use to start Dungeon Siege.

fullscreen = false

host game in game ranger

host game in dungeon siege 2


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