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Alternative – Rock My Run

FITRADIO DJ Submission Form

Name Jeff Jensen

DJ Name: DJ JefferyJJensen


Instagram handle or other form of Socials

Where are you located? Las Vegas

How many years have you worked as a professional DJ? 1 year

Please list your DJ gig experience (Clubs, events, gigs, etc)

What genres of music do you specialize in?

Any other DJ experience we should know about?

Producing mixes is a requirement for exclusive mixes. What DAW do you use?

  • Ableton
  • Logic PRO
  • FL Studio
  • Other

Please choose the following genres you would be fully capable of producing a 45 min+ mix for on a recurring basis

  • Hip-Hop only
  • Pop/Top 40
  • Dance/House/Top 40 Remixes 128+ BPM
  • Open Format – Rap, Pop. Dance, Rock – Varied tempos & Decades
  • Trap/Future Bass/Twerk
  • Radio style originals
  • Rock only
  • Chill House/Lounge
  • Yoga/Ambient
  • Country
  • Throwback genres – 70s-2000s
  • Bass/Dubstep/Trap
  • Indie/Acoustic/Chill
  • Metal/Hard Rock
  • Reggae
  • Latin/Soca/Reggaeton
  • Drum N Bass
  • Trance/Techno
  • House/Tech House

What goes into achieving excellent sound quality in a DJ mix?

How do you standardize volume levels across all 60 min of DJ mix?

If you were making a Pop mix for FITRADIO, name 3 songs you would include?

If you were making a Hip-Hop mix for FITRADIO, name 3 songs you would include?

If you were making a Rock mix for FITRADIO, name 3 songs you would include?

If you were making a Hard-Hitting mix for FITRADIO, name 3 songs you would include?

In your opinion, what are the most important attributes to have in a high energey workout mix? (No wrong answer, opinion question!)

Do you have access to and familiarity with Excel or Google Sheets? This is required to be considered.

Please upload a 30 min sample mix at a bit rate of 192. If you are an open format DJ this mix must be a varied BPM range and include at least 3 genres. MAKE SURE the file has your name in the mix or it will not be viewed.


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